Editorial Calendar

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January | Health

Discover practical strategies for staying strong and fit — while also having fun.
+ Housing Resource Guide

February | Finance

Build the life you want — and enjoy your golden years — without breaking the bank.

March | Travel

Discover the best places in Minnesota (and beyond) to explore and kick back.

April | Volunteering

Get inspired to make a difference in your community — in your own way.

May | Housing

Life is good. Where will you live it?
+ Housing Resource Guide

June | Outdoors

In Minnesota, exploring nature is key to being an active older adult.

July | Caregiving

Taking care of a loved one doesn’t mean you have to neglect your needs.

August | Dining

Dive into the local food scene for some amazing culinary experiences!

September | Grandparenting

Learn how you can make the most of your time with your children’s kids.
+ Housing Resource Guide

October | Fitness

Read inspiring stories of Minnesotans who’ve found creative ways to stay in shape.

November |Housing

Start researching and planning now to find your ideal retirement community.
+ Housing Resource Guide

December | Creativity

Seniors in all stages of life have unlimited potential for greatness in the arts.

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